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iCert serves the certification needs for diverse private equity firms and their portfolio companies

iCert provides a diverse certification solution to US-based diverse businesses that are controlled, managed and owned by diverse private equity firms. “Diverse” is defined as members of one of four ethnic or racial groups, as defined by the Small Business Administration, including African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans (collectively, Ethnic Minorities), as well as women, veterans, the disabled, and members of the LGBT  community.


By targeting these diverse portfolio companies, the supplier diversity community can be expanded dramatically, expanding wealth creation opportunities for the diverse community throughout the United States .

“On Wall Street, the new biggest private equity firms are run by Black and Latino billionaires, and people of color.”


~MarketWatch, Dow Jones & Company, Inc., June 7, 2022

Why a new standard is necessary


Comprising over 700 private equity firms and thousands of diverse portfolio companies, the diverse private equity community now controls almost $500 billion of investment capital and has created and/or funded many ‘tier one’ and ‘tier two’ suppliers and has the capacity to create and/or fund many, many more.


In the past, organic growth drove building diverse suppliers. Today, however, mergers and acquisitions driven by the diverse private equity community will be the bedrock of building scalable diverse suppliers in the future. And without including diverse portfolio companies, the supplier diversity ecosystem will not reach its potential.


The iCert certification was developed to address this issue.

We’re specialists in the private equity industry


Within private equity firms, ownership structures can often be incredibly complex and traditionally challenging to understand true corporate control.


Diversity Capital, the company behind iCert, provides the requisite experience as we are led by private equity subject matter experts. We’ve advised various large, diverse private equity firms with supplier diversity strategy development and implementation as well as assisting with the certification of their portfolio companies.

Serving two core constituencies


Fortune 100, and Corporate America at large, can use the iCert platform to identify new and existing diverse suppliers.


Private Equity Firms
Diverse private equity firms can access certification services for their portfolio companies as well as a customized marketplace to access corporate supply chain revenue opportunities.

iCert core services include:


  • Accredited, rigorous and diligent verification of diverse ownership control and management
  • Use of the iCert certification seal for certified companies
  • Access to the iCert database of certified diverse private equity firms and their portfolio companies, as well as subscribing corporations
  • Personalized concierge service to match and connect diverse businesses with corporate supply chain buyers
  • Access to consulting services to leverage iCert certification for business growth

iCert provides diverse private equity firms and their portfolio companies access to streamlined diversity certification allowing them to access supplier diversity programs.

Certification process


iCert confirms by rigorous due diligence that diverse individuals control, manage and have meaningful ownership in a private firm to qualify it as a Certified Diverse Private Equity firm. Then we confirm that it controls, manages and holds a meaningful ownership interest in its portfolio companies through various investment funds or other special purposes investment vehicles to qualify the diverse portfolio companies as Certified Diverse Businesses.

Requirements summary


iCert defines control, managed and retention of meaningful ownership interest, respectively, as follows:


  • Define and lead corporate governance, including determining composition of the C-suite and the board of a Diverse Portfolio Company
  • Lead the implementation of corporate strategy and tactics for a Diverse Portfolio Company
  • Hold at least a fully diluted simple majority or thirty percent (30%) of the voting equity interest in the Diverse Portfolio Company as a private company or public company, respectively, by the investment vehicles under common control by the Certified Diverse Private Equity Firm

D&I Scorecard


To affirm alignment with prospective corporate clients and their D&I goals and objectives, iCert Certificates are qualified based on our proprietary D&I scorecard that annually measures three key areas against industry best practices:


  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Board, C-suite, management and workforce inclusion
  • Supply chain outreach to and access by diverse vendors

To Get Started


If you are a diverse private equity firm interested in getting your portfolio companies certified -OR- a corporation looking to source more diverse suppliers, please complete the form to get more information on our process and eligibility requirements.